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WAXES are fatty acids joined to alcohols found in a variety of plants and animals. Two sources of waxes are eyebright and broom tops. Waxes are used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical lotions, creams, and ointments. Waxes do no evaporate easily due to their high molecular weight.

WELL ADJUSTED: One who makes the same mistake twice without getting nervous.

WILL: A dead giveaway.

X CHROMOSOME: A genetic double-cross that empowers women with the ability to bear children and reserves for men the right to be color-blind hemophiliacs.

XANTHONES comprise a group of compounds found in dill, gentian, and henna, one of which is swertianin. Some xanthones may have antituberculous activities.

XYLOSE is a sugar found in agar-agar, alfalfa, aloe vera, bromelain, carob, chicle, myrrh, and psyllium seed. It is used as a diagnostic aid in detecting intestinal malabsorption.

YEAST is a general term for microorganisms, including single-celled, usually round fungi which reproduce by budding. Some yeast transform to a mycelial stage; others remain singe-celled.

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