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Nutrient Problems With Popular Weight Loss Dites


The following popular weight-reducing diets were found to provide inadequate levels of some necessary nutrients:

•The Atkins Diet

•The Beverly Hills Diet

•The Carbohyrdate Craver’s Diet

•The California Diet

•The F-Plan Diet

•The I Love America Diet

•The I Love New York Diet

•The Pritikin Diet

•The Richard Simmons Never-Say-Diet

•The Scarsdale Diet

•The Stillman Diet

The nutrients most often below the recommended levels included:

• Thiamin • Vitamin B-6

• Vitamin B-12 • Calcium

• Iron • Zinc

• Magnesium • Chromium

Though this information was published in 1985, many of the diets that have come and gone since then have the same nutritional problems.

Data taken from: Fisher, Michele C., Paul A. Lachance. "Nutrition evaluation of published weight-reducing diets." J. Am Diet. Assoc. 85:450-454 (1985)

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