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Silicon - Mineral


• Silicon is essential to the process of adding calcium for hardness to the bone, plus increasing collagen - the tough connective tissue that binds everything together and gives bones flexibility. A study at U.C.L.A. shows that silicon supplemented bones have a 100 percent increase in collagen over low silicon bones.

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Method of Action

• Silicon works by chemically binding the structures of surface tissues and those that connect the bones.

• Organic silicon will recalcify; inorganic will not. Silicon is organic. Silicone is not.

Food Sources

The fiber faction of brown rice Leafy greens
The herb known as horsetail The fiber part of plants
Bell peppers Alfalfa

Summary of Deficiency Symptoms

• Impaired bone growth

• Disturbances of bone formation and pigmentation of frontal teeth.

• Increased susceptibility to coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

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