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Coffee Enemas


Coffee Enemas have been used for over a hundred years as a generalized detoxification procedure. Despite rumors to the contrary, coffee enemas are perfectly safe when done as directed. Coffee enemas stimulate the liver and gallbladder to release stored toxins and wastes and liver function is enhanced.

It is recommended that the enema be done each morning.

Prepare a quart of coffee, using 2 tablespoons of coffee per quart. The water should be purified water. Organically grown coffee is best for this procedure. If you can’t Find organic coffee, Folger’s Regular is of high quality and the most clean of all commercial brands.

The coffee should be made in a stainless steel or glass coffee maker. Aluminum is not recommended because aluminum is a toxic metal and can leach into the coffee while brewing., It is alright to make the coffee the night before use to allow the coffee to cool. The coffee is best used at body temperature. If it cools too much overnight, reheat slightly before using.

When preparing to take the enema, lie on your left side, and lubricate using KY jelly or a similar substance. Insert the colon tube slowly 12 to 18 inches into the rectum. If it kinks, pull back and try again as kinking will block flow of the coffee.

Release the stopper, and let about a pint of coffee slowly flow, then reclamp. If the coffee won’t flow, this usually means there is a kink in the tube. If this happens, withdraw the colon tube and reinsert. At first it may be difficult to retain the enema, but work towards retaining the coffee about 10 minutes before expelling.

Repeat the enema, holding for another 10 minutes.

At first you may feel slightly jittery, although most patients find the enemas relaxing. If you find the enema makes you jittery, this usually lessens after the third time. If you continue to be jittery, try making the coffee a little weaker – using one and a half tablespoons of coffee per quart.

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