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Health Problems

The intent of this section is to provide a forum for alternative and innovative approaches to a wide range of health conditions. You will find articles written by doctors, health care practitioners, or other experts who have specialized knowledge of the health topic addressed.

Some of the articles suggest natural food supplements because the average modern day diet is lacking in nutrition value. (Few of us grow our own fruits and vegetables and many of us don't even cook our own meals!)

Keep in mind that these articles represent the views of the individual authors and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or disorder.


Causes. Etiology and Biochemical Abnormalities of Autism
Alan Schwartz, M.D
Medical Director - Holistic Resource Center
Supporting a lecture given on Sunday October 10, 2004 at Conference: Maximizing Children’s Potential: Treating Autism, PDD and AD(H)D

  • Chapter I
    An Introduction to Autism and its Characteristics with a
    Brief Discussion of Related Disorders
  • Chapter II
    The Etiology of Autism; What causes it, Genetics, Connections...


  • Cholestatin - Supplementation with Cholestatin prevented a rise in plasma cholesterol levels that would be expected with a cholesterol enriched diet.



  • Gout
    A common joint disorder, is one of the most controllable metabolic disorders. Gout occurs when uric acid such as monosodium urate accumulates in the blood.

Obesity/Weight Management


Yeast Infections

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