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Hypercoagulation & Heparin A Second Look

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Patricia Kane, Ph.D.

It has been suggested that the use of heparin will address hypercoagulation. Recent data from JAMA1 indicates that the use of low dose heparin may transform a ‘benign fungal infection into a toxic shock-like reaction’.

This research was presented at the 39th annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America in 2001 by Margaret K. Hostetter, M.D.2, 3 of Yale University School of Medicine. Hostetter and colleagues found that Candida albicans can attach to host cells and form invasive hyphae which ultimately may create virulence of C. albicans.

Low dose heparin utilized in hospitalized patients through the practice of heparin in intravascular catheters may transform the yeast into a life threatening pathogen1. The use of heparin raises the cytokines TNF alpha1 and IL-6 1 in addition to Phospholipase A 2 .4, 5, 6. Biotoxins which form neurotoxins, may create a state of hypercoagulation from the rise in TNF alpha.

Consequently, the use of heparin may exacerbate the neurotoxic condition and hypercoagulation.


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